Summer Dessert Idea: Rainbow Pudding Pops

Stay cool with these colourful frozen treats!

Photography by Jill Parkin,

Kids will be delighted to indulge in these pudding pops on a hot summer day. This yummy recipe, found on Sandy Toes and Popsicles, uses food colouring to change light-coloured pudding (such as vanilla, white chocolate or banana flavours) into the bright colours of a rainbow.

This recipe is simple enough for anyone to make—no ice pop maker required! Just layer the tinted colours of pudding in a Dixie cup and add a Popsicle stick to each individual portion before freezing. After a few hours, you can unwrap the frozen treats to unveil the sweet rainbow design!

What you’ll need:
• Instant pudding mix
• Milk
• Food colouring
• Dixie cups
• Popsicle sticks

The complete instructions can be found on the Sandy Toes and Popsicles site. These frozen pudding pops are the perfect treat to enjoy under the sun and are sure to add some cheer to any kid’s day!

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