Sweet Treat: Pirates of the Caribbean Mermaid Tail Cookies

Photography by Disney Family

Have you had a chance to head to the theatre with the kids for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? The latest installment of the popular Pirates series, On Stranger Tides finds Captain Jack Sparrow on a quest to reach the Fountain of Youth. But in order to locate the famed fountain, Jack needs a mermaid. Too bad he didn’t have a batch of these super-cute mermaid tail cookies!

We found this sweet treat idea over on the Disney Family website. Whether your kids have pirate fever or love The Little Mermaid this is one recipe that they’re sure to love. From mixing dough to decorating the tails with brightly coloured candies, it’s a great chance for junior chefs to put their cooking and artistic skills to work in the kitchen.

What you’ll need:
• Sugar cookie dough (chilled)
• Flour
• White cookie icing
• Candy necklaces (or other candy)
• Coloured sugar sprinkes (optional)
• Food decorating pens (optional)

You’ll find full recipe directions, as well as a mermaid tail template, over on the Disney Family site. We think these cookies would make a great addition to your next pirate party (sorry, “parrrrrrty”), too!

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