The Ultimate Long Weekend Snack: Ladybug Appetizers

Photography by Taste of Home

The countdown to the long weekend is officially on, and as we watch the clock tick down the hours our minds are drifting to thoughts of family, fun and of course, food. It’s a perfect weekend to soak up some sun (we hope!) and fire up the BBQ for a delicious dinner on the grill. But when tummies start to rumble, you’re going to need a few tasty snacks, too—like this quick and healthy idea from Taste of Home.

Once you’ve prepped the ingredients, you can let kids take over the assembly for a little culinary craft time. If they’re not sold on the idea of eating olives, we suggest swapping them out for a red grape or juicy blackberry.

What you’ll need:
• Cream cheese
• Sour cream
• Black food colouring (paste)
• Chives
• Garlic salt
• Parsley
• Butter-flavoured crackers
• Cherry tomatoes
• Chives
• Black olives

Taste of Home has the full Ladybug Appetizer recipe on their site. As a bonus, the total time for this snack is only 30 minutes, which means it won’t too much time out of your busy weekend plans. And if your kids are keen on the ladybug theme, be sure to check out our Poppy-Dotted Ladybug Craft.

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