The Ultimate Weekend Snack: Chocolate Pretzel Buttons

Photography by Chrysanthemum

After a busy week, we have to admit that we really look forward to some down time on the weekend. But sometimes that “down time” turns into two days of catching up on all the things you didn’t get done between Monday and Friday—running errands, returning e-mails, tackling that ever-present pile of laundry. Press pause on your busy schedule this weekend and indulge in some quality family fun time. Host a backyard movie night or play a few family-friendly board games. And don’t forget the snacks!

We spotted these yummy looking Chocolate Pretzel Buttons over on the Chrysanthemum website and knew that the salty-sweet treats would be making an appearance at our next family game night. It’s a quick and easy recipe, which means you can whip up a batch before your kids have even settled on a movie. It’s also a great recipe for your junior chef to try.

What you’ll need:
• Pretzels
• Hershey’s Kisses
• M&Ms

You’ll find the super-simple instructions for this snack over at Chrysanthemum. We think switching up your Kisses and M&Ms would make for some great flavour combinations—why not try Hershey Hugs instead of Kisses? Or Peanut Butter M&Ms in place of plain? It’s easy to customize this snack to suit your family’s tastes. Just don’t be surprised when the bowl is empty after five minutes!

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One response to “The Ultimate Weekend Snack: Chocolate Pretzel Buttons”

  1. Sharmin Raymond says:

    I have made a version of this recipe using rolo pieces instead of kisses and a pecan instead of m&m’s. Absolutely DELISH!!!!!!!