Top Five Best No-Bake Rice Krispies Cakes And Treats

My son is so a middle-aged woman.  He loves yoga pants, long baths and station wagons. And Kashi. (Is Kashi the new Special K, or what?).

We’ve tried a ton of different cereal brands, and Kashi has been crowned the favourite. Which leaves us with loads of leftovers, including Kamut Puffs. If you missed my post, these babies are a lot like rice crisps, but with a nuttier, more toasted flavour.

Photography By Max La Rivière-Hedrick

Anyways, as I was saying, my little fellow is just like a thirty-something woman, except for that he’s all about birthdays. Finally! An excuse for me spend way too long trolling for cake ideas. But I’ve found the perfect, aka the easiest, one that uses up all your cereal.

All you need is candy or a fun-shaped mold and candles, and any weekend can be a birthday. Surprise!

Because there’s no baking, I’m sure we’ll have time to make a few of the other no-bake cereal treats that I’ve had bookmarked since my pre-baby days. Here are my top five favoruites:

1. These Rice Krispies pops are adorable, trendy and exactly what a kid’s craft or party favour should be. Just roll up into balls, add a few sprinkles and stick on a stick.

2. This pretty cake has such a sweet, classic candy pastel  palette and you can totally decorate it with whatever you have on hand.

3. We’re going to try making these super easy cars first, then try trains, sushi or snowmamas.

4. Hello, happy! This cutie (pictured above) would be perfect for a bug or caterpillar party.

5. If we liked chocolate, I’d be all over this modern cake.

Happy weekend!
—Melissa, CF’s lifestyle editor
PS: Please share any of your birthday cake finds with me, especially if there’s an animal or train theme!

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