What’s the Most Surprising Thing Your Children Like to Eat?

Photography by Ali Martell

Every year on their birthdays, my children get to choose where we eat their annual birthday dinner. And every March 8th, August 15th and November 2nd, without fail, we go out for all-you-can sushi. It’s true. My children—who can at times be picky eaters and opt for a peanut butter sandwich instead of the dinner that has been made for them—can eat their weights in salmon sushi and salmon sashimi.

The waiters and the other patrons at the sushi place are always super impressed with how much raw fish my little ones can stuff into their little stomachs.

My children spend a lot of time being typical children, arguing over which boxed macaroni and cheese is their favourite and begging me to buy noodles shaped like different animals. But then, in the same breath, they turn around and surprise me with some of the things they love to eat. For example, my youngest loves tongue. Yes, tongue. My oldest loves herring. Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Israeli, Japanese—my kids will not only eat it, they actually love it!

What about you? What’s the most surprising thing your children like to eat?

—Ali, senior associate editor of CF.ca

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