Wrapped Up Dinners and Sides

Transform an everyday meal into an extraordinary experience with a fast and foolproof wrapping technique - guaranteed to seal in flavour and juices!

Wrapped Up Dinners and SidesDinnertime turns into a special treat with international flavours wrapped up in neat little surprise bundles. A sure hit for the whole family.


Banana Leaf Salmon
Pasta in a Parchment
Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf
Salt-Crusted Chicken
Crab Tamale in Grape Leaves

Shopping Tip

Banana leaves: Look for them in the frozen food aisle at Asian grocery stores or large grocery chains.
Lotus leaves: Lotus leaves can only be found in Asian grocery stores. They last forever in your pantry so stock up.
Grape leaves: You can find grape leaves at most grocery stores in the international food aisle.

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