10 Must-Haves For A Litterless Lunch

Rule the school with the coolest lunch boxes and lunch accessories

Forget the brown bags of your own childhood. Chances are good that if you’ve got a kid in school just about anywhere in Canada these days, litterless lunches are mandatory.

Just keep in mind when you’re buying lunch gear that some pieces are harder than others for little hands to manage. You may need to spend a lot of time practising flipping lids, opening bottles and mastering the challenge of getting everything back into the bag once lunch is over. When you shop, give the lids and such a try before you buy. If if you find a container or thermos remotely hard to manage, your little one will probably find it pretty tough.

Choose from some of these great lunch accessories, then check out 15 School Lunches They’ll Love for some inspiration on what to put inside:


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