4 Alternatives to a Syringe Medicine Dispenser

If you have a sick wee one on your hands who refuses to take medication, one of these alternatives may be just what you need

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My son has an(other) ear infection. He’s pretty much the Ear Infection King. He was diagnosed last week Tuesday, but this past Tuesday he refused all food and medicine and had a fever of 38.4°C (101.1°F). I took him back to the doctor and he put my boy on a different medicine, one he also would not take. (Good thing it was three times as expensive.)

My husband and I pinned him down and shoved the medicine down his throat while he screamed. We did it as gently as possible, obviously, but I do not want to do that ever again.

So, I turned to Google and my Facebook friends and found the following alternatives.

1. AVA the Elephant, $13
This little gadget is pretty nifty, and the only medicine dispenser that talks. The included dropper is filled with medicine, inserted in the opening on the back of Ava, and when a button is pressed, Ava will say, “One, Two, Three … Open wide! GOOD JOB!” at which point the medicine is to be dispensed. Available from avatheelephant.ca.

2. Sippy Sure, $10
I’m not sure how well this one would work with my son, as he doesn’t take sippy cups, but it looks like a genius idea for a child who will take a sippy cup. The Sippy Sure has a hidden compartment that holds the medicine separate from the water/juice/milk. Only when the child drinks from the cup will the medicine be dispensed. When the cup is opened, it is easy to see how much medicine is left. Available from amazon.ca.

3. MediBottle Pediatric Medicine Delivery System Bottle, $16
This one is a bottle that can be filled with your baby’s favourite liquid, while the syringe is put in the middle. As your baby begins to drink from the MediBottle, short pushes on the plunger send little squirts of medicine into the tip of the nipple. These little squirts (about five drops of medicine per squirt) are swallowed and washed down immediately, giving your baby’s taste buds little time to sense the medication. Available from amazon.ca.

4. Kidz Med Pacifier Medicine Dispenser, US$2
I think this one would work the best for my 14-month-old son, who is a big fan of his soother. There is a small channel inside the pacifier nipple which allows the medicine to be delivered either by the baby’s normal sucking, or gently and accurately by pushing the plunger. Available from amazon.com.

Do your kids take medicine easily? Do you have an alternative that works best for you/your kids?

Jen Wilson is a married mother of three super-awesome children—two girls and a boy—who range in age from 1-11. She enjoys photography, organizing, reading, TV, and sarcasm. She drinks her coffee black and dreams of one day owning a dishwasher. You can also find her on her blog, Hey Mrs. Wilson, where she has been writing about life in Saskatchewan since 2004.

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