7 Great Ways to Save on Baby Gear

MoneySense is one of our favourite magazines for smart financial advice (though the advice offered below by SNL and Steve Martin is some of the best advice we’ve seen!). And financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade has done it again with some helpful ways to save on baby gear.

She suggests making your own baby food (you can save up to 50 percent), skipping organic milk and shopping only with an experienced parent (there are lots of things out there that you may think you’ll need, but you won’t).

Read the complete article over at MoneySense. And learn more about having a baby on a budget in this great piece by our magazine’s very own executive editor Robin Stevenson.

Have any great money-saving tips for new parents? Please share them in the comments!

Untitled from Travis Prater on Vimeo.

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