15 Awesome Advent Calendars for 2016

Count down to Christmas with one of these fabulously fun advent calendars. There's something here for the whole family!

When we were kids, one of the best things about the arrival of December was digging into a brand new advent calendar. It didn’t matter if the chocolate tasted terrible—the whole point was the thrill of getting to find your numbered window and uncover a new treat to eat each day until Christmas. It’s a simple, joy-filled tradition that many of us continue year after year, and have now passed on to our own children.

Advent calendars have really upped their game since we were kids, though. Now you can buy calendars filled with mini toys, beauty products and, yes, even beer. We’ve gathered 15 cool calendars for all ages and stages that are guaranteed to be a big hit this year. We also have a list of great DIY calendars if you’d rather make your own.

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