10 Eco-Friendly Baby and Kids’ Bedding Essentials

Kids spend up to 40 per cent of their time sleeping—no small number. We've found the best eco-friendly, sleep-safe gear to ensure your babe gets a healthy, restful sleep

CF_Sleep_Safe_Essentia-Mattress_6002. Natural Latex Mattress

If you can afford an organic or natural latex mattress, it will be well worth the investment. Regular mattresses have so many hidden toxins; nasties—like formaldehyde and flame retardants—can contribute to all manner of horrible things (think reproductive issues, cancer, SIDS and nervous system damage). These toxins escape and “off-gas” and they do it when your precious bundle of joy is sleeping ever so peacefully, hour after hour—night after night.

Essentia mattresses (which go from crib-size to California king) are made in Montréal from rubber tree sap, and there are stores across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. And they’re easily one of the most comfortable mattresses we’ve ever tried.

A twin starts at $1,275 and with a 20-year warranty, you will surely send your kiddo off to college with it.

Read Mommy Gearest’s full review on this natural latex mattress.

Natural Latex Mattresses, from $1,275, myessentia.ca

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