Family Tested Reviews: Baby Products from MAM Baby

As part of this Family Tested program, we found 6 families with at least one child under 1-year-old to test out products from MAM. Read their reviews below.


Since 1976, MAM’s primary objective has been to support the individual development of every child in the best way possible—and to make day-to-day baby care easier for parents. MAM combines the expertise of medical practitioners, developmental psychologists and speech therapists to provide premium baby care products for babies of all ages.

MAM makes pacifiers that are designed and developed by pediatric dentists and orthodontists. They are anatomically correct and allow for healthy jaw and teeth development. They have leveraged their European ingenuity and forayed into the bottle category. In less than 2 years after introduction, MAM Anti-Colic bottle is the number one in France and is quickly becoming a bestseller throughout Europe. Developed with pediatric dentists, MAM’s toothbrushes and teethers are designed to ensure healthy teeth and make teething and brushing more pleasant and positive experiences from the start.


Stacy M., from Ontario. Tester: 8 months.


I have to say I hadn’t tried any MAM products prior to this. I know the brand and have seen the products but I had received a bunch of items from different companies at my baby shower and being a first-time parent went with those! Nonetheless, I gave them a try and I was delightfully surprised.

My absolute favourite and my daughter’s favourite was the bite and brush teether. We have bought many “teether” products but my daughter never took to them and always preferred anything else in her mouth other than an actual teether. When I first looked at the product and noticed the brush section thought that was a great idea and sure enough that’s my daughter’s favourite part. She loves brushing her teeth and always wants the toothbrush but not something I want her just playing with. That’s where this came in perfectly. She loves the feel of it against her gums especially now that she is teething. It is a great size for her little hands to hold and she just chews away! Even the rubber section is very soft—while my daughter didn’t take to that part it makes a great handle! We then moved onto the bottle/cup.

Can I just say I was so thrilled to see a cup with a nipple!!!! We are in the process of transitioning my daughter to have her milk in a cup instead of a bottle and let’s just say not going so well. Gave this a try and she finished more than half a bottle at one sitting (which she had never done)!

Also, the handles make it easy for her to hold it herself which we have also been trying to get her to do. I also like the fact that it is a full 8 ounces (some of her sippy cups are a lot smaller). Great that also once she has mastered holding onto the bottle with the handles they can be removed and can become a full sippy cup.

By far the best transitional cup/bottle we have tried and have already purchased a few more!

We also tried out MAM’s pacifiers. My daughter loves her paci when it comes to nap time. At first glance, I was happy that it is a symmetrical pacifier so she can put it in her mouth on her own without me worrying about her putting it in backward and impacting her teeth/jaw. This along with the fact that is an orthodontic pacifier are MUSTS for me. It was also a great size and didn’t cover her nose (as some other pacifiers had done). Unfortunately, she didn’t take to this pacifier like her others. The actual pacifier nipple is much rounder and bigger than her current pacifier and she would just spit it out. Overall, if someone is looking for a cute orthodontic pacifier I would give this is a try from the outset. Perhaps if my daughter had taken this first, she would have been more accepting. Still a great product, just not for us!

Ashley W., from Ontario. Tester: 3 months.


I was so excited to try out some MAM products, I had seen them before but hadn’t had the chance to try them yet!

I loved that the packaging for the soothers could be reused (great for just tossing in a diaper bag!). The packaging for the teether was a bit tough to get into.

My baby loved the bottle, no issues at all taking it right away! I found it easy to clean and had no issues with it in my dishwasher.

The soothers were a miss for my baby but a hit for my toddler (who stole them from the baby!). We tried a few different times but the soother either seemed too thick or too long and my daughter kept gagging. My toddler didn’t have an issue at all and loved them.

I loved the teether—especially the bristles! It was the perfect size for my baby’s mouth and she liked chewing on it. I wish the non-bristled side was a bit softer silicone to make it easier for baby to bite.

I would definitely buy the bottle and teether again, but I don’t think I would buy the soother.

Daniela D., from Ontario. Tester: 6 months.


I’ve never heard of MAM products before and was very curious to try their products, especially the bottle, and to see how my child would react to them. I was excited to open the package and try the MAM bottle, the pacifiers and the bite and brush teether right away.

In terms of the anti-colic bottle, I liked the fact that it’s BPA free and it’s supposed to help reduce colic. Even though my 6-month-old is not a colicky baby, she is fussy with bottles. The MAM bottle made her less fussy, gassy and calmer after having fed her from this bottle rather than the other bottles that I use. The nipple too was a better fit for her mouth. The bottle is also easy to use and clean. I like the fact that the bottle can also be sterilized in the microwave for convenience. I really recommend this bottle to others.

The MAM bite and brush teether is another product I would recommend to my friends and family. It was easy for my 6 month year old to hold and it fit in her mouth perfectly, unlike some other brands that are too big for the mouth. I like how this teether has small bristles to help clean the teeth. It seems very well made and durable and easy to clean in the sterilizer.

I highly recommend the MAM Night Silicone Pacifier as well. What I like best is the glow in the dark feature which is awesome and a big help during the nighttime. I’ve tried other pacifiers and this one is by far the best one.

My child really doesn’t like pacifiers but this seems to be the only one that she’ll keep in her mouth for awhile. I like the fact that it has a soft, orthodontic nipple and it comes with a sterilizing case for when you are out and about. Overall, I am very satisfied with these MAM products and would definitely buy them for my child and would highly recommend them to others to have fussy babies.


Gillian H., from Alberta. Tester: 6 months.


I do not believe that I have purchased MAM products before although I have heard the brand name before.

I am impressed with them. I have 3 older boys so I liked the girly appearance of the products for my baby daughter as I opened them up. I liked the size of the bottle and how it came apart nicely for cleaning. My daughter liked the shape of the nipple and found it easy to hold (she is still learning to hold bottles for herself). There were a few issues with leaking from the bottom of the bottle a couple times, but I think I just did not tighten it enough. I would recommend the bottle.

My daughter was able to hold onto the teether/toy and liked it for the most part, but she did not really chew on the part for her teeth. She seemed to like the handle part better. I do not think I would purchase another one.

My daughter liked the nipple shape on the soothers. I was surprised by 2 of the soothers that they glowed in the dark! The glow seemed to last until morning which was surprising, but great for locating the soother in the dark. It was pretty bright but did not seem to bother my baby.

I like the designs on all four soothers as well.I would recommend these soothers for sure and would purchase more (if needed in the future). They are very cute.

I like that it does not matter which way the soothers go in as my baby is starting to put her own soother in her mouth, so she will not put it in upside down as there is not a right side up.

Megan S., from Ontario. Tester: 10 months.


So I just have to say that I love the tissue paper in the box made me feel like I was opening up a present instead of just things thrown in a box. I’ve heard of MAM products but had never purchased any and I’m kind of wishing I had. I personally loved everything I received.

I liked that the teether was very different from others. I loved that the packaging for the soothers could be reused (perfect for throwing in a diaper bag!).

The packaging for the teether was a bit tough to get into than other ones I’ve seen and bought but my son really liked it. He wouldn’t let go of it the first day he got it and has been his go-to teether since.

I really liked the glow-in-the-dark pacifier I’ve never seen those before and the designs are cute too. My son really liked them as well.

But my favourite product was the bottle/sippy cup I think that it’s a great idea to be able to interchange the nipples and the bottle styles. The nipple was very close to the shape of your nipple while breastfeeding so my son loves that.

I also like how when he drinks from the sippy cup nipple he doesn’t have to press the cup up on his nose to drink the last bit like other sippy cups.

I think between all of the products the bottle/sippy cup and the teether are his favourites. I’m definitely going to be looking into more products by MAM and would/will be telling my friends about them I really liked them.

Lindsay B., from Alberta. Tester: 2 months.


I received 3 different products to test out with my 8-week-old daughter. I also have an 11-year-old son and a (soon to be) 3-year-old daughter. I’d heard of MAM products before because I used the MAM bottles, like the one sent to me for review, on my oldest daughter. I didn’t recognize it until I opened the package and saw the unique shape and removable pieces.

For the bottle, I was very happy to see that my daughter took to it without hesitation. The nipple seems to be a shape which most babies would feel comfortable using, however, I had to pull it from her mouth every so often to let air in (some kind of valve may help to alleviate that issue).

For cleaning the bottle, I was happy to see that all pieces that were touched by milk were removable and had the ability to be cleaned easily.

This may be because of the type of warmer we have, but when I went to heat up my daughter’s formula, I found I had to put it through 1.5 – 2 cycles as the milk didn’t get as warm as with our other brand of bottles. I believe this may be due to the thicker bottom with 2 pieces. I would certainly recommend this brand of bottles!

For the soothers, we have gone through many different brands as she is very fussy about them. Thankfully, the MAM brand was a shape she took to right away.

Before knowing I would be participating in this review, I had purchased 1 package of 2 soother straps and unbeknownst to me, they were the MAM brand. At first, I was confused as to why the circular piece was attached to the clip strap, but after receiving the soothers, I found that they fit perfectly so it’s not as easy to lose in the car seat. I like that there is no extra piece on the soother (where the clip strap typically is attached). I will be recommending this brand of soothers to my new/soon-to-be Moms!

For the teether/gum massager, I was unable to use it as I wanted because my daughter, unfortunately, did not take to it. She preferred the soothers when upset. After opening the product, I noticed that the whole mouth part was very soft and bumpy, so in speculation, I believe it will alleviate pain when she is teething. It is very portable and the overall shape is easy to handle. At this point, I cannot say whether I will be recommending this product or not.

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