Made with Love: A One-of-a-Kind Nursery

Here's how one mom relied on her crafting skills and recycled heirloom finds to add personal style to her son's nursery

It all started with a quilt I saw on Pinterest. It is called the Colour Wheel Quilt, and it was designed by Joelle Hoverson. Being both cozy and contemporary (and a DIY project), the quilt became the jumping off point for the whole nursery for my baby boy: modern and colourful, with lots of homemade touches.

I also wanted to keep things within a reasonable budget, so I reused and repurposed where it made sense. The bookshelf was one we already had. The small, marble-topped side table was passed down from my grandmother. I found a gorgeous mid-century modern swivel rocker online and had it reupholstered in grey to match the neutral grey and white base palette I chose. My husband built sliding shelves to maximize space in the oddly narrow closet, and I made a number of the decorative elements myself. The end result is a nursery that suits our little guy perfectly: fun, bright and one-of-a-kind.

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