7 (Pre-Loved) Baby Gear Bargains to Be Had for Savvy Parents

Baby gear can really get expensive...why not buy some of it pre-loved? Here's a list of the top 7 pieces being bought and sold—used—in Canada right now.

Image Courtesy of VarageSale

As we all know, there’s always something our kids need. But that doesn’t always mean forking out hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest products as they sparkle from retailers’ display windows. Instead, savvy parents are now opting to shop locally for ‘pre-loved’ bargains, mostly through online classifieds marketplaces and apps like VarageSale.

Founded in Canada by a mom as a safe, secure, virtual garage sale, VarageSale matches buyers and sellers by neighbourhood—meaning online shopping gets as local as can be. Needless to say, VarageSale has quickly grown into one of the country’s biggest online communities of parents, with an ever-expanding marketplace at their fingertips.

Among VarageSale’s fastest growing categories—up 76 per cent in the last year —are baby toys, clothes, strollers, diaper bags, furnishings and essential accessories. Here’s seven of the best baby items savvy parents are snapping up:


1) Safety Items:


There’s no substitute for peace of mind and second-hand marketplaces like VarageSale are a gold mine for safety items. As toddlers grow up and require different levels of our attention, a wealth of baby gates, child proof locks, plug covers, faucet guards, corner cushions and monitoring systems are available at a fraction of the MSRP. Thankfully these items, by their very nature, tend to be robust or are kept out of baby’s reach so, as a result, usually come in near perfect condition.


2) Clothes:


There are mountains of baby clothes for sale online because, as we all know, our little ones develop so fast they practically outgrow an outfit before they’ve even worn it. Bargain baby clothes come at a cut price and there’s lots of selection—ranging from outfits that have been worn just once or twice, to brand new items (probably gifts which came too late to fit).


3) Activity centres and entertainers:


Kids attention spans are short and age-appropriate activity centres and entertainers are quickly outgrown. However, with the plethora of options constantly listed for sale means parents across Canada can keep pace with accessibly-priced items to snap up bargains. For example, an Evenflo Exersaucer was recently listed for $40, which is 80% off the usual $200 retail price!


4) High Chairs:


That moment your kitchen looks like the inside of a food processor. We’ve all been there, some of us at almost every meal time. But messy feeding fun doesn’t last forever as toddlers graduate from high chairs to boosters. Many pre-loved high chairs make their way onto the second-hand market every day and most can be snapped up for a fraction of their new price, even if they’ve only been used for a relatively short period of time.  Decide what features are important: one hand operation, extra-large tray, portable or clip on style.  Look for solid construction from trusted brands like Ikea, Graco or Eddie Bauer.



5)  Pack and Play and Play Yards:


Heading for the family cottage? Visiting friends for a few days? Or maybe you just want to make sure your baby can safely enjoy him/herself outdoors in the nice weather. Investing in a safe, secure and portable play area doesn’t have to be costly. A variety of trusted brands like Baby Einstein and Fisher Price are available, offering the opportunity to save money and your sanity. As an added bonus to the hours of fun your kids will get from a nearly-new play yard, chances are you’ll be able to resell it again down the line.


6)  Cribs, Bassinets and Sleepers:


Looking for baby’s new bed? Or maybe you’re travelling? Folding cribs and sleeping chairs can be a mom’s best friend. Not only does the option of buying second-hand save you cash at the time, but selling the same item on again once its outgrown will help pay for the next thing baby needs.  


7) Diapering Essentials:


Young children can mean even the shortest run to the store requires the logistics of a cross-continent expedition. Bottles, wipes, creams, blankets, spare outfits… Don’t forget the diapers! However, with babies growing so fast, many moms find themselves stuck with stuff they bought in bulk but can’t use. Their exuberances are your savings though, with free apps like VarageSale chock full of great finds, including all the diapering essentials you could ask for.

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