Best Calendars and Organizers for Families

Who can keep track of everything a busy family has on the go?

Who can keep track of everything a busy family has on the go? Between school forms, extra-curricular activities, library books, doctors’ appointments and homework projects, you’d need a photographic memory and mad, mad organizing skills to keep it all straight.

The burden of managing all of this is a major source of stress for parents. There’s no organizing system that will erase your stress if there are just too many things on your calendar, so sit down with the family and talk about the extra-curricular activities that you can realistically pull off without being on the road every weeknight during the dinner hour. That’s your first order of business.

Next, you’ll need some systems to help keep everyone on the same page about what’s happening at home, school and on the playing fields, and for managing the flood of permission forms and school newsletters that come your way.

Here are a few of our favourite tools and ideas:


Created by Toronto mom Sharon Neiss, the Day Ja View calendar is a genius new take on the ordinary monthly wall calendar. The key is the transferrable plastic overlay that gets moved from month to month. Using the label stickers included with the calendar, you note the ongoing activities that happen at the same time each week, month after month—piano lessons, hockey, swimming, etc. Set these up once and you’re done. The stickers can be removed and moved around so it’s easy to add and remove a one-off dentist appointment or field trip.


When one month comes to an end, simply remove the sheet, turn the page and place it over top of the new month. The 16-month calendar is $26.95 and you can order it at The Time of Day.

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