Big News for Little Munsch Fans!

Photo Courtesy of TumbleBooks

Everyone’s favourite Canadian author Robert Munsch has teamed up with the digital version of Tumbleweed Press to ensure that his books go everywhere, and we mean everywhere, with your kids.  The Munsch 6-Pack Volume One and Volume Two, can be bought at the Apple iTunes store and are applications for the iPhone or the iTouch. Not only are these six highly coveted Munsch books, including the brand new release, “Put Me In A Book”, the author himself narrates the animated picture books.  Munsch delivers the stories as they are meant to be read – with gusto and a plethora of zany noises and music.

Each volume offers over 30 minutes of distraction for your child so that you can complete your banking transactions, go to the bathroom in solitude (HEY, a parent can dream), or even do the groceries without having to lose your focus or answer a zillion random questions. They will also be available for other 3G phones and Sony PSP.

Keep watch at the end of January when the website goes live with nearly 1000 titles for sale. Now you won’t have to lug a multitude of books everywhere, they will fit nicely in your phone and you can relax, knowing that your child isn’t immersed in a video game. The only difficulty will be explaining the uproarious laughter to the puzzled on lookers.

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