Feel Good News: Celeb Becomes a Kid, Again

Here’s our little piece of feel-good news for the day.

Around the office, September is in full swing and we were discussing our back-to-school issue, and the fact that we wanted a kid with spunk for our cover, when the name Emily Yeung (from Treehouse TV’s This is Emily Yeung) came up.

So, we got in touch with her people, (who also work on Are We There Yet? and Roll Play) and this is what they had to say: Emily is now a vibrant 10. While I appreciate your interest, we made a deal with Emily’s family that once the series was concluded (in 2006) that she would no longer do any press opportunities. She has since seamlessly slid back into being a regular kid.

We love this! What a great company to appreciate and respect her parents wishes (even with a national magazine cover at stake) and kudos to the parents for letting their kid take a break to grow up outside of the spotlight.

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