Cardboard Furniture for Kids: Worth It?

My son is at an age where he wants to and is able to hop up on any chair. Unfortunately, his dismounts aren’t always so smooth, leaving me as helicopter mom or shrieking unattractively, “fruit in the kitchen only, please!” Predictably, if I chase after his squirmy body, it only results in peals of laughter and joy. Make that glee.

Do I want a ToyToy armchair or these adorable girls more?

Enter cardboard furniture. It’s his size, he can muss it up as much as he likes and colour all over it. It also means he doesn’t need his own proper pint-sized chair in every room; these are so light he can port it about himself.

My latest and possibly all-time favourite are these sweet armchairs, designed by the Montreal-based parents behind Toytoy. (My heart was smitten as soon as I heard the name. And of course there’s a porthole to hide treasure in.) At $20 it’s a steal!

But whenever I see a posting somewhere about anything cardboard, the comments are filled with detractors: Too fragile! Too expensive! Bla bla bla!

Back to my question: Is $75 too much for a corrugated rocket ship? Even if it means taking off into space in your jammies with a stack of pancakes, without having to put your sneaks on?

If you have a happy, aka rambunctious, toddler and/or any reasonably curious child and a cardboard piece, please let me know how it stood up to sticky hands, aggressive miniature horses and possibly some chewing.

PS: And if you’re frugal and crafty, here are four brilliant DIY projects:

1. Love this rocket ship made by a dad, not a professional.

2. This stylishly modern chair could upgrade his whole room.

3. Of course, Martha makes the perfect cardboard oven.

4. But this mom-made one is my favourite oven.

–Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

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