Fall Fashion (Mom Edition)

Choosing clothing that suits your personality and lifestyle can be difficult. Here are 4 great fall fashion pieces that will help!

Fall is my favourite season. It is also a busy time, as parents and children enter a new school year. Back to school also means going back to hectic schedules, parent meetings, team practices, and extra curricular programs. There is barely enough time to eat, let alone get ready and be out the door. As a mom of three, I know that time is limited with children but I found a few stylish pieces that are functional and can turn any casual wardrobe into a stunning “outfit of the day” in minutes.

Fall Fashion: The Leather Jacket


Choosing clothing that suits your personality and lifestyle can be difficult sometimes. Leather jackets are my favourite piece to wear during fall. It compliments my style while still allowing me to function as a parent. A few reasons why the leather jacket works, is that it is durable, easy to wipe clean, and you can look effortlessly amazing with one item. There are many other jackets that are waterproof as well but a leather jacket can turn a simple t-shirt and jeans into an outfit suitable for almost any occasion. (You can find a similar look at Roots Canada)

Fall Fashion: The Cape


Capes are the best piece of outerwear for moms during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or on the go. During my pregnancies, I found it difficult to find a coat that fit me properly and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on maternity coats that I would wear for a short period of time. During the colder months, I prefer to wear capes with knee high boots and elbow length glove for the chilly nights. The cape creates a stylish look that is comfortable and requires very little maintenance. You could wear leggings with a sweater underneath and the cape would still stand out. Breastfeeding with a cape is a breeze, since there aren’t any buttons or zippers to worry about. When it’s time to feed, you can easily sit, lift one side, and attend to your child’s needs without any hassle. The best part of all, is that you can wear it pregnant or not! (You can find a similar look at Winners)

Fall Fashion: The High Waist Skirt


Skirts are the easiest to get dressed in, besides jogging pants. I prefer to wear a high waist skirt that is long and flows for easy movement. When I was pregnant, I found ways to wear my pre-pregnancy clothing during the time of my bump. The high waist skirt could be worn higher, below the bust and the skirt would flow comfortably over the bump while still cover everything else. I would wear my skirts post pregnancy and avoid shopping for a whole new wardrobe again. Skirts are sometimes seen as formal attire but I believe that you can wear whatever makes you feel amazing on any given day, anywhere, and at any time. (You can find a similar look at Queen Street West’s vintage shop – Cabaret)

Fall Fashion: The Varsity Jacket


Back to school time also means back to sports season. Whether you’re cheering your child on the bench during a game or coaching them during practices, it’s great to support them in their team colours or shirts. However, if you don’t have that, try wearing a varsity jacket. I love how simple it is to close with the snap buttons. You can wear it with flats or running shoes, jogging pants, or yoga pants. Varsity jackets aren’t limited to sports or school events only, it’s a cool casual look that can be worn all day long. (You can find a similar look at Roots Canada)


Grace Hughes is a photographer, wife and mother of three, living in Toronto. She currently blogs about motherhood, travel, fashion, and lifestyle through her Instagram account @MomsAChamp. Grace shares her experiences to reach out to other parents who may relate and connect through her stories. Her sense of style represents her personality while being able to function on her daily adventures as a parent. 

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