Kids Spring Fashion: Embrace Layers

Getting your littles dressed this Spring can be simple if you stick to these tips. 'Tis the season of functional layers without compromising style!

Spring is a beautiful season, as the snow disappears and flowers begin to bloom. However, the weather is still unpredictable with showers one day, and sun the next. Getting your children dressed this Spring can be simple, however, if you stick to these fashion tips for any age group.

This is the season of functional layers without compromising style!

April showers, bring May flowers!


Our Canadian weather couldn’t be more accurate as far as that saying goes. With that said, our children shouldn’t fear these raindrops—instead, allow them to embrace nature as it truly is. Whether it is walks through the park, to school, or trips to the grocery store; one should always be prepared for mother nature at this time of the year. That’s when a rain ponchie is the perfect outdoor solution and the simplest to wear for your little one. It’s waterproof, easy to put on or take off, and best of all you can layer underneath without restricting their movement. Long gone are the days when anyone (especially kids) should hide during cloudy skies. Now, all they need is a rain ponchie and their daily activities can carry on in the cutest prints – effortlessly!

Ella is wearing a handmade rain ponchie from a Canadian brand called @PonchiesForKids /


The seasons may change, but your kids will still be on the go.


That couldn’t be truer when it comes to my oldest son—who will always find a way to stay active and play basketball. Every individual is different, so is the clothing that each person wears should be suitable to their lifestyle. To support my oldest child’s passion, I have to consider what makes it easy for him to move but still stay warm on those random chilly days. Layering in the Spring is the key to adjusting to the weather and making it all work. A reversible vest is the best solution for my sport loving 11-year-old and being able to choose between colours gives him the opportunity to pick his own look. This style is sure to be a win-win for you and your growing child!

Tristen is wearing a Ralph Lauren reversible vest from @MarshallsCanada


One style does not fit all.


Thank goodness for layers (once again)! You can find a compromise even with the pickiest of children. My middle child is a perfect example of that situation. This style is the triple layer, super functional, “no fail” Spring look. My 8-year-old is always on the go. He does not like to feel cold but easily gets hot, and uncomfortable. The solution comes in three layers: a t-shirt, followed by a hoodie, and a rain resistant jacket. Sure, you could get one big jacket with a hood and thick enough to keep warm but this is Spring—the unpredictable warm-to-cold-to-rainy season. Avery likes to wear a faux leather detailed, wool varsity style jacket. It is warm enough for the fluctuating Spring temperatures, while the faux leather and wool are easy to clean and most importantly water resistant for those spitting rain days. As the weather warms up mid-day he has the option to take off his jacket and stick to his comfortable cotton or fleece hoodie. Finally, the t-shirt is what it comes down to when indoors and simply layering to head back out again is as easy as one, two, three!

Avery is wearing an Adidas Hoodie from @AdidasCa /, with a varsity style jacket from @GapKids /




Grace Hughes is a photographer, wife, and mother of three, living in Toronto. She currently blogs about motherhood, travel, fashion, and lifestyle through her Instagram account @MomsAChamp. Grace shares her experiences to reach out to other parents who may relate and connect through her stories. Her sense of style represents her personality while being able to function on her daily adventures as a parent. 

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