Family Tested: Vileda ProMist MAX

How this spray mop from Vileda fared cleaning the floors in three Canadian homes

When it comes to household chores, keeping the floors clean is arguably one of the most onerous tasks. It can seem like no matter how hard you clean, the dirt, stains and unsightly footprints return the next day. Vileda’s ProMist MAX all-in-one spray mop is designed to make the job of cleaning hardwood, laminate, ceramic-tile, linoleum and other floor surfaces much easier. Simply add water and your preferred cleaning solution to the refillable, fine-mist sprayer and get to work. The lightweight mop’s large, machine-washable microfiber pad swivels 360 degrees to help clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and flips over to give you double the cleaning area.

Sally M., from Alberta

When the Vileda ProMist MAX arrived, my grungy floors were overdue for a major cleaning. Our kitchen is the heart of our home, and you could certainly tell from the drips and splotches that it’s been a very busy place over the last few weeks. Absolutely no one in our house relishes cleaning the floors, especially the kitchen linoleum.

Other floor-cleaning methods always seem to take a lot of much prep time. With the Vileda ProMist MAX, I simply removed the packaging and took a quick glance at the instructions: fill the removable water bottle, add two teaspoons of floor cleaner, easily pop the bottle back on the unit, and start attacking the floor. The mop is a breeze to push around and it’s so easy to get into little corners and narrow spaces. I loved the water spray lever near the top of the handle! It took very little effort to clean my expansive kitchen floor area. My lino was looking fresh and clean in no time at all.

Next, I tackled the ceramic-tile flooring in my main and ensuite bathrooms. It took even less time! There was still plenty of cleaning solution in the attached bottle and I had lots of energy to continue on with the downstairs living room, bathroom, hall, and kitchenette where we have a long stretch of laminate flooring. When the cloth mop looked dirty, I simply detached it and flipped it over, then threw it into the washing machine with the rest of my laundry when I was done. The pad came out of the washer looking clean and new, ready for the next round of floor cleaning.

I keep the Vileda ProMist MAX close by. It is so convenient to grab and use. I love walking barefoot in the house. Now I can count on nothing mysterious sticking to my feet, and the floors look so clean!

Michelle B., from Saskatchewan

The Vileda ProMist MAX has changed my life! Due to a disability, cleaning our home is very difficult for me. Anything that involves bending at the waist or lots of arm movement, like using traditional mops that need to be wrung out, is too challenging. As an all-one-cleaner, The ProMist MAX was so simple to use!

I can easily fill the bottle on the ProMist handle with my favourite cleaning solution, and that’s all I need—no bucket or sink full of water required. I love that the cleaning solution is right on the handle with a convenient release to spray as much or as little as I need in front of me as I go. I might clean slower than the average person, but my floors shine and look fabulous when I’m done.

The swivel head turns in every direction, making it easy to get into corners and around furniture. The microfibre pad cleans really well; it even works on the stubborn sticky spots when something spills on the floor. It’s simple to remove, throw in the wash and put back on once it’s dry.

The Vileda ProMist MAX makes cleaning my floors simple—so simple that I can do it again on my own!

Tara J., from Ontario

The Vileda ProMist MAX came at the best time in our house. We just got a new puppy so the mop was definitely put to the test!

The instructions are just three easy steps. You use regular water and add two teaspoons of concentrated floor cleaner. I really doubted that would be enough to clean the floors properly, but it was perfect. The cleaning-solution bottle is simple to remove from the handle. Everything’s ready to go in minutes.

I started with a simple clean-up of the floor where our puppy is most active. The spray covered a large area in front of the mop head. The spray trigger is easy to use and it doesn’t leave too much cleaner on the floor like regular mops might. When I got to a spot that was a little sticky the ProMist’s microfibres got to work and easily tackled it.

In our house we have hardwood, tile and stamped concrete floors. I tried the Vileda ProMist MAX on all of those surfaces and it worked great everywhere. The cleaning head swivels and flips to get in all the small and tight spots on your floors. It was definitely less of a hassle than a traditional mop and easier to maneuver around the house. I didn’t have to stop and refill anything as there was plenty of cleaner in the bottle. By only using two teaspoons of cleaning solution, it’s super affordable and good for the environment. I like that the actual mop head can be removed and put right into your washing machine.

I am really happy I got the chance to try out the Vileda ProMist MAX. It’s a great addition to our house out in the country. And with a new puppy, full-grown dog, cat, and two kids, we’ll likely be putting the ProMist to the test every day.

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