Fun Fashion We Love: Wearable Rock!

This cool t-shirt is where practical meets positively fun. It’s a great shirt that kids—and moms—will love. But it’s so much more than just a rockin’ t-shirt—it’s actually a guitar in a shirt.

A guitar in a shirt?”

It’s true! This tee has a working electric guitar built right in. Kids can strum the strings like they would on an actual guitar and real sound comes out. Each button on the guitar neck has been pre-recorded on a real electric guitar, which helps it to sound more realistic. It even comes with a guitar pick.

Apart from being a very fun piece of clothing, this tee is a great and affordable way to find out if your budding musician has the chops for the real thing. And it just might make you the coolest mom in the carpool line at school.

Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt, $20 USD, available at For a limited time, Think Geek is giving away a Kids Drum Kit Shirt for free when you buy a Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt.

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