iPhone Apps that Help Prevent Sunburns

Image Courtesy of iTunes

With all this beautiful summer weather, we are spending more time outdoors soaking up the sun. But all it takes is one nasty sunburn to ruin your daytrip to the beach.

Looking for more ways to avoid that lobster-red skin tone? Well, there’s an app for that!

These iPhone apps featured on The New York Times blog are skin savers for the tech-savvy sun worshipers.

Free Apps:

Sun Alert Lite

Simple and easy to use. One dial is designated for skin type, another for the S.P.F of your sunscreen and another for weather conditions.

After you have set all three dials, the app will inform you how long you can stay outside before your skin will start to fry. Afraid of dozing off? A timer will sound with a message that says “time over!”

Coppertone MyUVAlert

Includes a sun tips section and a reapplication reminder (that sounds after 80 or 120 minutes depending on your level of activity).

An added bonus: you can set up a “Suncare Profile” to receive coupons for Coppertone products.

Paid Apps:

Sunscreen ($1.99)

Similar to Sun Alert, it has three dials: UV Index, S.P.F. and Skin Type.

Skin type is broken down into three types: I, II or IV. Descriptions of each category can be found on the “info” screen.

To get your ultraviolet index, go to the map tab and touch the search box then the button on the upper left that appears—the app will then find your UV index for you.

Once you have input all your information, press the start button and a countdown timer will start. When it is time to get out of the sun, it will emit a high-pitched beep.

Sunblock ($1.99)

To set up, go into settings to find your skin type which is made simple by showing you pictures with descriptions. It then automatically sets your UV Index according to your location and a sliding bar along the bottom allows you to set the S.P.F of the sunscreen you are using. The environment setting is a little more tricky, but the bonus of this app is that is has an altimeter to account for your sun exposure at high altitudes.

This app also tells you how long you can stay in the sun, but there is no timer.

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