Kids’ Gear: 13 Summer Must-Haves

Summer has just begun...and you don't want those littles getting bored! Keep the kidlets (and yourselves) happy and busy for the next 2 months with these 13 summer essentials.

Ah, the lazy days of summer.

The thing is though, our kidlets don’t really see them as “lazy” days. Our little rambunctious munchkins are ever-ready for all-day-in-the-sun park sessions, picnics and hours of bike rides. And truthfully, after our (very long, very cold) Canadian winter, we like to encourage them to be as active as possible and to be outside as much as the weather permits (which, in June, July, August and September is a lot).

To that end, we’ve rounded up some helpful gear for campfire cooking and oh-so adorable stuff for playing and hanging out al fresco with the littles for the rest of the summer.



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