16 Ways to Make Homework a Breeze

Is the homework piling up already? Don't let them get behind (or hidden beneath)...keep them organized with these great ideas.


Now that we’ve made it through the first week of school, we can breathe a sigh of relief. But that relief—for most kidlets—will be short lived. Next week it’s back to school business as usual (and it may have already happened)…with homework. Assignments. Permission forms. Worksheets. Projects. In short: lots and lots of papers.

Set your kids (and yourself) up for success with an organized area where they can focus on their assignments, put permission forms, keep notes to and from school and keep all the things they need to do their homework.

Start with a dedicated space where your kids can sit comfortably and get cracking. Then add some fun and functional accessories to help make the workspace appealing.

We found 10 neat desk accessories that will get kids excited about having their own workspace, and with any luck, cut down on the nagging you do to get homework underway.



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