Put Finger Puppets on Display with This Cool Puppet Showcase

Photography by Michael Alberstat

When encased in this Lucite box, these papier-mâché finger puppets become mantel-worthy. Don’t fret if you’re not up to the challenge—we’ve found someone to do it for you!

Reformed Custom ArtCubes + Accesories is an online store that will create these custom boxes to display your keepsakes. You choose the size (standard and custom boxes are available) and if you want it cement- or screw-sealed (boxes with screws can be opened). You’re also able to select personalized background details including colour, inscription and font style, colour and name size. You mail your item in and the finished product is typically returned in two to three weeks.

The folks at Re-Formed can encase just about anything. Aside from art, popular orders include baby clothes, sports memorabilia and other collectibles.

Prices start at $95

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