The Perfect Unisex, Stylish and Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag

The hunt for the perfect diaper bag is over – this well-made bag is built to last and is a reasonable price. Available all across Canada!

Lassig Green Label Urban Diaper Bag

There are so many gorgeous diaper bags available these days. I’ve oohed and aahed over bags from Timi & Leslie, OiOi and all of the designer options at Neiman Marcus (Kate Spade! Marc by Marc Jacobs! Burberry!) but when it came time to actually buy one I had two major concerns.

Concern 1: Why is it so hard to find a unisex diaper bag? I don’t mean a “dad” diaper bag, because those are often decidedly masculine and meant to evoke hunting trips or scholarly bike rides. Nor did I want something too cute or overly flowery and feminine. I wanted something that would work for Mom, Dad and baby boy! Surely there would be something in between a cam0-print survival bag and a floral-print purse mimic.

Concern 2: Why are so many of the gorgeous diaper bags so gosh-darned expensive? Seems like, as with weddings, you put “baby” or “diaper” or “mama” in front of a product name and the price goes up by at least 50 per cent. I am not interested in spending $200+ on a diaper bag, no matter how lovely it is. I didn’t need it to be bargain-basement, but something right in the middle of the road that was good quality, but not overly expensive.

So I hunted through multiple Winners locations for a non-diaper bag to serve as a diaper bag. I could find one with pockets, I reasoned. I could buy the changing mat and the soother holder, and all of those good things that diaper bags come with, separately. I’d save some money, I thought. I am so smart, I thought. But my hunt was fruitless! Everything I found was either non-dad-friendly (because it was a purse, really), still expensive, or not quite pockety/durable/sturdy/wipeable enough.

Then, mercifully, opened up its baby store, and that’s how I found Lassig, and the Lassig Green Label Eco-Friendly Urban Diaper Bag. Lassig is a German company, and they make a variety of beautiful diaper bags, but it was the Urban that suited us perfectly. Not only did it fit our diaper bag wish list (shocked that I have such a thing, but there you go), it wasn’t covered in a cutesy feminine print, nor did it look like it came from an army surplus store.

Made from 100 per cent recycled polyester, free of nasties like pthalates, harsh dyes and PVC, full of pockets, with a wipeable (and apple green!) interior, and free of noisy velcro, the bag is exactly what we needed. It comes with a large changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, stroller clips, adjustable straps and an anti-bacterial zippered wet pouch. It’s big enough for the basics, but not so giant that it will weigh more than me when it’s loaded up with diapers and Mum Mums. And, if you look very closely, it has a sweet little embroidered deer logo on the corner, which makes it just cute enough without going overboard.

The Lassig Green Label Urban Diaper Bag, $135, available at Find a complete list of Canadian retailers at

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