The Taga: Stroller Meets Bicycle for the Coolest Ride Ever

This stroller-bike combo lets parents and little ones hit the road in style

If you thought you had seen everything when it came to high-tech strollers (like the Origami that launched back in January), then you’ve got to check out the latest ride for kids and parents alike: The Taga.

The Taga stroller-bike functions exactly as its name suggests—it provides the entertainment and exercise one would get from riding a bike while doing double-duty as a stroller. You can convert from bicycle to stroller in twenty seconds (check out this video if you don’t believe us) and with its ability to easily navigate through stores, public transportation and elevators, this ride is definitely designed for families on the go.

The stroller-bike has three wheels, which makes it more stable and easy to balance than a regular bicycle—especially when mounting and dismounting with your kiddo on board. According to Taga’s website, the stroller-bike can accommodate your child from newborn to six years old, but parents can get use of the bike long after their wee one has outgrown the stroller.

The Taga comes in a variety of fun colours—red, light blue (our fave!), orange and green. The fabric is removable for easy cleaning, and is waterproof and non-flammable. You can also buy additional accessories like a rain cover, side bags, second child seat, car seat adapter and a shopping basket.

Celebrities have jumped on board with this fun device, too. Neal McDonough has been photographed testing his bike, and Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott each have their own.

The downside? If you like a stroller with plenty of storage, then this probably isn’t the buggy for you. But if convenience and uniqueness is more your bag, the Taga should be given some serious consideration.

You can check out the official Taga video here.

Taga, US$1495, available from

3 responses to “The Taga: Stroller Meets Bicycle for the Coolest Ride Ever”

  1. Jen Wilson says:

    That is so weird. And really cool.

    The thought of biking with a newborn in there scares me, as babies under a year old cannot safely wear a bike helmet (I worked in a bike shop for five years)(though it does say on the website that they strongly recommend against cycling with a child under a year old). And how many one-year-olds still fit in their infant car seat? That holds-an-infant-car-seat feature is a total safety hazard, as I doubt all parents adhere to that warning. Or I’m just a paranoid mama bear.

  2. Alicia McAuley says:

    Great point, Jen! It looks like you can use the Taga in stroller mode with a newborn, but they say “Before riding with your child in bike mode, we strongly recommend waiting until your child is a year old and able to sit up on their own without support.” ~Alicia, content editor for

  3. jenwilson says:

    It is a pretty rad stroller. And the ability to accommodate an infant car seat is a definite selling point to most parents. :)