Are the New Troll Dolls Too Sexy?

Are the new Trolls too sexy?

For some reason I’d always assumed Troll dolls were boys or included boys or were asexual. But have you seen their recent makeover?

As pointed out by, the new look for Trolls is decidedly Bratz-y. Bad outfits, weird hair, you know, the usual seemingly tasteless, but obviously appealing (I mean, honestly, people are buying them) girl-doll look.

But am I the only one who agrees that Trolls shouldn’t bare midriff? I’m also irritated by the seeming lack of diversity: if Trolls are going human (okay, maybe alien), shouldn’t there be some sort of variety in facial features and complexions?

First Strawberry Shortcake, now this. And don’t get me started on My Little Pony. What do you think: has toy land gone too far and would you buy these?

—Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

PS: Here’s a fun round-up that shows how sexy some of our favourite childhood toys have become.

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