Baby/Toddler Product Recalls—What You Need to Know

This week there have been two massive recalls of popular products—Stork Craft drop-side cribs and four Melissa & Doug products. If your home has these, please read on.

Stork Craft Recall

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Stork Craft Drop-Side Cribs and Stork Craft Drop-Side Cribs with Fisher-Price Logo

More than 2 million of these cribs (968,000 sold in Canada) have been recalled after the suffocation of four infants in the U.S. and multiple instances of the drop-side breaking off causing injuries in both Canada and the U.S.. This recall involves Stork Craft drop-side cribs with plastic hardware, not cribs with metal rod drop-side hardware. The cribs were sold in various styles and finishes. The manufacture date, model number, and crib name are printed on the assembly instruction sheet that is attached to the mattress support board.

Stork Craft drop-side cribs: The recall includes products with manufacture and distribution dates between January 1993 and October 2009.

Stork Craft drop-side cribs with Fisher-Price logo: The recall also includes products with manufacture dates between October 1997 and December 2004. The Fisher Price logo can be found on the teething rail. The logo is also on the end panels of the Twinkle-Twinkle and Crystal crib models.

Hazard: The plastic hardware can break or deform over time. The drop-side can also be installed upside-down which can result in broken parts. All of these problems can cause the drop-side to detach in one or more corners, creating a space in which infants can become trapped and suffocate. The complete detachment can also lead to falls from the cribs. While these cribs do meet current safety standards, the plastic hardware can break or fail.

Next step: Carefully examine your crib for broken hardware or an upside-down drop-side. If you are concerned, stop using the crib and find an alternative safe place for your child to sleep. Contact Stork Craft toll-free at 1-877-274-0277 or go to (which was unresponsive when we tried) for a free repair kit that converts the drop-side to a fixed-side.

Melissa & Doug Recall

Four products from this line have been recalled.

Slice and Bake Cookie Set, Shape Sorting Cube and Pound a Peg. Approximately 26,290 of these toys were sold in Canada between November 2008 and November 2009.

The Geometric Stacker. Approximately 300 sold in Canada between February 2008 and August 2008.

Hazard: Testing by Health Canada has revealed that the surface paint on these products contains barium in excess of the allowable limit in Canada. Barium can be toxic, causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents of illness related to these products but advises taking these recalled toys away from children.

Next step: You can return the item to the store where it was purchased for a full refund, or contact Melissa & Doug at 1-203-762-4500 to exchange the product.

For more information on product recalls, go to the Health Canada website.

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