Dora the Explorer or Dora the Fashionista?

Old and new Dora

Adios backpack. Hello designer purse?

If you haven’t heard, the companies behind the Dora The Explorer franchise are creating a new, older version of our fave globetrotting girl-on-the-go to appeal to fans ages five and up.

It makes sense. As any parent knows, the allure of Dora tends to dwindle about age five, so why not try to extend the popularity of the brand as long as possible? It was done with Barbie (hi Skipper) and more recently with Strawberry Shortcake who went from little girl in a dress and striped tights to a preteen in jeans.

While the original TV show and products will still be available for the younger set, the new line, called Dora’s Explorer Girls, will feature Dora and a new group of girlfriends (sadly, Boots has gotten the boot) as preteen fashion dolls with an online world kids can access by plugging their doll into a computer.

Apparently this new fashionable Dora (she’s supposed to be 10) will still spend her time solving mysteries and doing charity work with her friends. It’s just too bad she couldn’t do all that in shorts and a T-shirt like her original incarnation. What do you think of her new look?

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