Family Tested Review: The VTECH Kidizoom Action Cam

Four Canadian Family readers were lucky enough to be chosen for our Family Tested program. Here are their reviews of the VTECH Kidizoom Action Cam.


This Family Tested product is everything kids need to capture life’s adventures!

The Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech brings technology to a new generation of active kids who can now capture their outdoor and underwater adventures on-the-go with videos and photos! It features a robust, durable design, a waterproof case and mounts for attaching to a bike, skateboard or scooter.

MSRP: $69.99 (Includes: Waterproof case; Mounting accessories for bikes and scooters; Wrist strap; 3 built-in games; Stop motion, time-lapse and multi-shot options; Special effects including customized photo frames and colour filters; Rechargable Li-ion Polymer battery; Micro USB cable for data transfer and battery recharging and Expandable memory up to 32 GB with Micro-SD card which is sold separately)
RETAIL AVAILABILITY: Walmart, Toys “R” Us,, and Mastermind Toys


The Bax Family (children ages 8 & 10)

The Kidizoom Action Cam arrived just in time for a P.A. day. My children, ages 8 and 10, surprised me by not ripping the packaging open immediately. The way it was packaged displayed all of the components individually and the kids spent time reading the box and exclaiming over each item that was included. I was surprised that so many accessories were included, enabling the kids to attach the camera to a bike or helmet, take it swimming underwater, or simply carry it on a wrist strap. The Kidizoom Action Cam is truly kid-sized and fits little hands very well. I found it more cumbersome to operate myself, but the kids didn’t have any difficulties. They eschewed the instruction manual immediately, but seemed to have mastered all of the functions within one day of exploration. It was surprisingly intuitive.

The Kidizoom Action Cam’s first adventure was attached to my son’s bike. The initial videos were primarily of the sky and trees and his narration was difficult to hear over the wind. With some adjustments to the positioning of the attachment, he was able to take some fun videos of his bike rides around the neighbourhood. The camera inspired some imaginative play, both cooperatively and independently. They worked together to plan skits that they filmed. The clear favourite was the stop motion animation. Using this function they made dozens of short videos to music. Some of the stop motion animation videos involved my children and some neighbourhood kids testing out their dance moves and others captured the mundane details of mom and dad making dinner or folding laundry. Suddenly everything was worthy of capturing on camera and playing back swiftly to a jaunty little tune. They really let their imagination go wild when they paired the Kidizoom Action Cam stop motion animation function with their Playmobil knights. Some epic battles were played out in our family room.

My only complaint is that Vtech included 3 little games on the device. It seemed unnecessary and to me it reinforces the idea to kids that all toys must entertain them. What I love about the essential idea of the Kidizoom Action Cam is that it does not entertain the kids like most electronics toys, but is a tool for the kids to entertain themselves. The 3 games take away from the simplicity of this.

Although this camera comes with a lot of accessories, in our experience purchasing a microSD card is necessary to make it’s use more functional. Without it the kids could only make 1 or 2 very short videos. Puechasing only a inexpensive 8GB microSD enabled the kids were to take dozens of videos and pictures without interrupting their creative spirit to transfer the videos to computer and start again. Overall, the Kidizoom Action Cam is good value and sparks creative play.


The Kim Family (children ages 5 & 9)

My kids were very excited when I opened the box together, and I pulled out the Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam.  They had asked my husband, and myself many times for this, as a gift for their birthday, or Christmas in the past, but we weren’t sure if this would be appropriate for them.  So when the opportunity arose to test this product, I thought this was great.  

After reading through the instructions, I thought it was pretty straight forward, so I gave it to the girls to see how easily they could maneuver through the camera themselves.  Both my 5 year old, and 9 year old had no problems going to camera, video, and the games.  I never had to show them how to use it – which is a bonus!  The hand strap is a great feature as the girls took the camera outside to take both pictures, and videos.  I would definitely recommend getting a SIM card though, as we couldn’t keep the videos on the memory that was provided—there was not enough space.  They both liked that they could attach it to their bikes, and scooters to take pictures, or videos of their little adventures.  

My 9 year old wished that there was a zoom option to take pictures, and she said the lens was a bit small.  It is a pretty durable camera, as I watched my 5 year old drop it a few times.  One thing I noticed is every time the kids turned the camera on, it was asking for us to put in the date and time.  Overall this is a good product for both age ranges, and I would recommend it.  It would be a cool gift, especially if a child had been asking for it.


The Spink Family (child aged 10)

My daughter, Sierra, was excited to test the Kidizoom Action Cam out as she had seen it advertised on TV prior to receiving it in the mail.  Her only disappointment upon receiving it was that it was not pink.  It did not take us long to figure out how to use it, and of course Sierra wanted to get started on making some videos.

Sierra likes to take videos of herself, and other people or places we go.  Sierra’s bike chain had broken so we were unable to attach it to that bike, so we attached it to her motorized scooter instead.  She had a blast driving around taking the video and watching it later on.

Sierra loves to take videos of herself, but I noticed there was no feature to reverse the camera and take a video of yourself talking and be able to see yourself on the screen while doing so.  Sierra does like to walk around the house to different rooms and give a commentary on what you are seeing (i.e. this is my sister and my Mom playing in the living room).

I think Sierra’s favourite thing to do is to watch the videos after.  I will be in the car driving somewhere with her and I can hear her playing back the videos she took.  She will also come to me and show me her videos, and we have a good laugh watching the funny moments she captures when we may or may not have known she was taking a video of us.

I think the Kidizoom Action Cam is a good product for kids.  It is very durable, and it allows them to take videos easily on their own.  Sierra use to take my cell phone and record videos and take pictures on it and I would allow her, but I often worried about the phone getting dropped or damaged.  I am happy she now has her own camera to take pictures and videos.  We haven’t gone in the water yet since getting it, but she is very excited about trying out that feature!!


The Morgan Family (5 children aged 3 – 10)

We had seen the commercials for the Kidizoom Action Cam and thought it was a fantastic “family friendly” alternative to the Go-Pro.  Being a very active family of 5 we have always said how cool it would be to attach a camera to one of the kids while they’re skating, scootering, playing hockey, etc.

When we received the Kidizoom Action Cam I just left it in the middle of the room to see who was most excited about it!  My 8 year old daughter was all over it.  So simple and easy to use right out of the packaging.  You really didn’t have to read any instructions and all attachments & mounts are included.  It has come everywhere with us and has proven to be virtually indestructible.  I love how it comes preloaded with some fun games to entertain my 3 year old while we are out and about.  All three of my children ages 3, 8 and 10 are constantly taking videos and (many, many, many) pictures posting to YouTube and Instagram.  The battery life on this is AMAZING and has the automatic shut-off feature which is very useful.  You do have to purchase a microSD card in order to really shoot any videos as the internal memory is quite small but those can be found for less than $10.

The kids brought it on a hike with us to one of the local waterfalls and my 10 year old shot videos walking behind and thru the waterfall and climbing on the rocks and old mill ruins.  He couldn’t wait to get home and upload them to the computer.  It was fun to see my 3 year old act like a photographer and not have to worry about him dropping an expensive camera or phone and then see the world from his perspective!

The Kidizoom Action Cam is a great worry-free addition to any active family.  I imagine it will be on a few Christmas wish lists this year.

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