Is Video Girl Barbie Dangerous?

An Australian psychologist has sparked controversy after calling for a public boycott of Mattel’s Video Girl Barbie—the doll features a small video camera hidden in her necklace—because she says the dolls makes it too easy for kids to upload possibly inappropriate videos and for predators to exploit children. Another opponent of the doll even described it as “a gift to pedophiles.”

If you’ve read through our November issue you’ll find the same doll on page 57 of our annual toy guide. Needless to say, pedophilia was not the first thing that came to our heads when we found out about the doll. It’s absurd to think that with all of the innovation that is happening right now that toys wouldn’t also benefit from such advancements. Plus, this isn’t the first camera that children have had access to. Other brands including VTech and Fisher-Price have cameras marketed at kids as young as 3 and most kids have full access to family iPods, digital cameras and phones with cameras. So why is Barbie taking all the heat?

Is it a toy manufacturers job to protect children from potential danger? Or, as one commenter put it, should we “let kids be kids and parents be parents who watch kids.”

Would you Purchase Video Girl Barbie?

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