It’s Kids Week in the Poppytalk Market

A Mummysam creation

Remember when we told you about the Canadian-established marketplace for handmade goods? Well, we love everything about Poppytalk’s current theme … it is devoted to kids and moms!

So, okay, before we go into this any further there is something we must confess… We are addicted to wooden and hand made toys.

So, needless when we found a bunch of new artists to swoon over, in one place nonetheless, we were very excited. We love the super-sweet animals and little people by Star House, the beautiful boats by Willow Baus, and the sophisticated wool dollies by Mummysam.

These superior kiddie craftsmen join the ranks of some of our other handmade favourites, such as Fidoodle (based in Toronto, we love their puzzle puppets), Pupa Pupa (their naturally-dyed dollies were in our April issue) and Petit Flaneur (whose whimsical and eclectic blocks were featured in November ’08s gift guide).

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