Travelling with a Baby or Toddler? Here’s the Perfect Tag-Along!

Image courtesy of Merriment Design

I recently stumbled upon the blog of a totally crafty mama who came up with the most ingenious travel accessory for the under-two set: A blanket with ribbon tags and Velcro loops. It’s fabulous and totally achievable by anyone with a tiny bit of sewing know-how.

As soon as I saw this I had an instant flashback to a hairy flight to Florida last fall with my wiggly seven-month-old daughter. When I wasn’t trying to keep her contained and out of the laps of our fellow passengers, I was constantly retrieving far-flung teething rings and over-priced rubber giraffes from between the seats and off the grimy floor.

But this travel blanket (which, buy the way, is the perfect reason to splurge on some adorable fabric from Pink Panda Fabrics) solves a ton of problems: toys stay off the ground, it has pockets for books and other distractions, and it’s perfect for dozing under when your weary wee traveller finally falls asleep! And when you’re sticking closer to home, it would be perfect in the car, too.

I’m so excited to give one of these a go this weekend! If it’s successful, I’ll be making a few for a couple upcoming baby showers.

—Christina, CFs managing editor

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