Holiday Party Fashion: Styling Tacky Sweaters 101

Getting the perfect tacky sweater for that holiday party could take lots of time and effort...or you can do it in a few hours with these DIY tips from Value Village.


Have you been invited to a Tacky Sweater Party over the holidays this year? Wondering what to wear? We asked our friends at Value Village if they had any great ideas of how to style a tacky sweater to beat all tacky sweaters. Here’s what they shared with us:

With thrifted items from Value Village, you can find a true vintage gem or opt to transform a simple sweater by DIY-ing something that’s one-of-a-kind rather than spending a chunk of change on a holiday sweater that can look manufactured and unimaginative. Here are some ideas for DIY-ing a unique but oh-so-very-tacky sweater—easily.


Just Add Bows:


Short on time? Take any sweater and attach holiday bows and ribbon all over the place—front, back, arms, neckline.


Couple Up:


Get two sweaters in the same colour and affix a felt cut out of a reindeer head and front legs to one sweater and the back half to the other sweater. Be sure and stand close for optimal effect!


Defy Convention:


Why not cut up your sweater into a holiday vest! Or wear an oversized one and make it a sweater dress. Add some tinsel and ornaments and make a Tacky Sweater fashion statement.




Decorate your sweater the way you would a Christmas tree—with lights, tinsel, ornaments, candy canes. You can even glue felt cut outs of wrapped presents on your pants or skirt for the complete look!


Season’s Greeter:


Safety pin holiday cards all over your sweater and be a walking well-wisher.


Jingle Bells:

Fasten jingle bells on the cuffs and neckline of your sweater. Great for dancing!

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