Benefits of Renting a Cottage in Winter

Need a restful curl-up-by-the-fire vacation...? You are in luck! Winter is an amazing time to get away.

Benefits of Renting a Cottage in Winter

The holidays are over. Housecleaning, major shopping and finding room for yet another overnight guest is all finally finished. Taking a deep breath, you realize that you are exhausted. Now you need a vacation—a restful curl-up-by-the-fire vacation. You are in luck! Winter is an amazing time to get away to a cottage.

Think of the benefits of booking a cold weather vacation:

  • No crowds
  • Lower rates
  • Better choices

First of all, a booking in the winter means lower prices. Most people do not vacation in the winter unless they are looking at ski getaways or hot weather destinations. This lack of demand drops the cottage prices to rock bottom. After all, owners still want to rent their homes, even in the colder months. They realize a lower rate is better than no rental at all.

The lack of renters is due to the thought that there is nothing to do in the winter. Sure, jet skis and paddle-boarding are probably not an option since the lakes are frozen solid. However the lakes are frozen solid. This makes them perfect for trekking across. Bring your camera to get pictures from new viewing angles.

Of course, there is always the chance that you could get snow while you are on vacation. You say that like it’s a bad thing. What do most people really want to do on vacation? They want to relax. What’s more relaxing than watching the snow fall while you enjoy an Irish coffee? Who says you can’t go outside when it’s snowing? Kids love it. Bundle up and trek through the barren trees. The forest becomes somehow magical with huge, feathery flakes gliding through the branches. You could choose to stay inside, build a roaring fire and play some board games with the kids. This is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your family.

Secondly, a winter booking means you will have plenty of options. In the high season it can be really hard to get the home you wanted. Other people want that cottage too, so really it becomes a first-come, first-served kind of booking war. Not so in the winter. Grab up that perfect home with the hot tub on the deck. That hard-to-get lakeside cottage with the gorgeous views is very likely available. You can choose from a huge selection to find your perfect fit. Since the rates are down, you can even get more than you need – more bedrooms, more amenities – so why not splurge?

Lastly, it is winter. Owners want their homes occupied. Many choose to toss in bonuses and add-ons to tempt people to choose their cottage. Buy three nights, get one free or free breakfast at a local restaurant could be the perks you receive if you stay in their home. Some will offer tickets to local attractions. Since less tourists means less business for local arts and craft vendors, restaurants and museums, these businesses will give discounts to cottage owners to pass on to their families. It is a win/win for the businesses and home owners – and it is a win for you too.

Winter does not have to be a time to hunker down and endure. It can be an amazing time to get away and reconnect with your loved ones.

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