Super-Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Add a personal touch to your decor this year with a few super-simple handmade pieces—that the kids can help to make!

photo: Maxpixel


Love the idea and look of handmade ornaments but aren’t really a DIY maven? No worries! Here are five really simple (so simple!) mini-projects you can do in one afternoon (with help from little hands).


Just add a nice bit of coloured string, ribbon or cord! We love the look of these silvery ornaments hanging on a tree. Alternatively, you can add a even more colour by tracing the ornament and cutting out a background from wrapping or scrapbooking paper, and then hot-gluing it to the cookie cutter.

photo: Jennifer Hamilton


These are beautiful—and sound so lovely when you happen to brush up against the tree—and you can make a dozen of them in less time than it will take you to pick out 12 ornaments at Canadian Tire (and get in line and pay for them).

You’ll need:
jingle bells, spray paint in a dark colour, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, red pompoms, scissors, red ribbon and a hot glue gun.

How to:
Spray the bells black or dark brown and allow to dry (or leave them silver or gold for a really glam look!). Bend the pipe cleaner in half and slide through the hook on the top of the bell; secure by twisting a few times. Give each end of the pipe cleaner a few bends to make them look more like antlers. Stick on the googly eyes and red mini pompom nose, thread a red ribbon through the hook on top of the bell and you’re done!

photo: Flickr/CC


Raid your junk drawers and bulletin boards to dress up a plain foam ball (or even a tennis ball!) and you’ll have some seriously glam decorations in no time.

You’ll need:
Styrofoam ball, tacks, ribbon and a paper clip. Here’s a wreath we made in the same fashion, so you get the idea.

How to:
Starting from the bottom of the ball, push the tacks in, working around the ball as evenly as possible. Overlap them as you go to avoid any gaps. Once you’re nearly at the top, unfold the paper clip and fold it again in the middle making a “bobby-pin style” piece of wire. Cut off a piece of the string or ribbon you want to use to hang the decoration, make a loop and tie the ends. Put the loop through the wire and push the open ends of the folded wire into the top of the ball until it’s secure. Then, continue placing your tacks until you reach the top.


Skip all the rolling, cutting and backing and go right for the package of cookies and some ribbon. Choose cookies with holes in the middle (or doughnuts if you’re feeling truly Canadian and a little crazy) and run some ribbon through the hole. Voila! Instant ornaments (and they taste pretty good too…at least for a few days).



These are the easiest of easy ornaments—and they look beautiful all year round, not just during the holidays. Kids especially love making them because they can get all messy covered in glue and the ornaments still look great.

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