Create Your Own Snow Globe

These snow globes are easier to make than they look. Let your imagination soar as you create a custom snow globe for your home or as a special gift

With the winter well upon us, we find ourselves wandering aimlessly around the internet, searching for the perfect crafts and DIYs with which to decorate our houses. This amazingly simple, time-tested project, inspired by, is perfect for kids to pull together as gifts or decorations.


• glass jars with lids with the labels removed
• enamel paint (or nail polish)
• hot glue
• ceramic or plastic ornaments
• liquid baby oil
• glitter


1. If the jar lids are not in seasonal colours already, paint them with oil-based enamel paint (or with nail polish).
2. Sand the inside of the lid until the surface is rough. With hot glue, adhere the figurine to the inside of the lid.
3. Fill the jar almost to the top with baby oil and add a pinch or two of glitter.
4. Put hot glue on the rim of the lid before you screw it on. Screw on the lid tightly, being careful not to dislodge the figurine. Turn the jar over and back again—and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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