Fake Snow Made from Shaving Cream and Corn Starch

Fake snow that magically turns itself into very fine modelling clay? When not a flake has fallen outside? Miraculous!


Our littles simply can’t wait for the first snowfall to make a snowman this year…so we decided to make snow come a wee bit early for them (indoors, no less!).


Shaving Cream
Corn Starch
A Large Bowl
A Plasticized Work Surface


  1. Using the ends of your fingers, mix together shaving cream and corn starch in a large bowl until you end up with a substance that has a consistency that is neither too sticky nor too powdery: you now have fake snow.
  2. Knead more firmly and keep adding shaving cream and corn starch until you have a uniform paste: you now have modelling clay that is ver fine and soft to the touch.



NOTE: This fake snow transforms itself into a modelling clay so fine that you can even use it to take your fingerprints or the imprint of a leaf with its delicate veins.

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