Is Your Car Ready for Another (Terrible) Canadian winter?

Yet another Canadian winter is upon your car prepared? Winterize your car now.


Before we know it, snow, ice and slush will cover the roads once again for another typical (terrible?) Canadian winter causing difficult—and sometimes dangerous—driving conditions. Is your vehicle ready for another Canadian winter?

Before you take any road trips this winter, make sure your car is prepared with proper tires and a stocked winter safety kit. Also, by winterizing your vehicle in this way, your daily travels will be a little less stressful and safer too.

5 easy ways to ensure your car is ready to tackle winter:

1) Check that your car battery is strong enough to hold a charge when the temperatures dip. Your mechanic can do this for you (or you can google how to do it..!).

2) Always keep an extra container of wiper fluid in the trunk so that you are able to keep your windows clear of slushy debris, even on long trips.

3) Have a winter safety kit in your car, including a warm blanket, gloves, a flashlight, an ice-scraper and first aid essentials

4) Check your tire pressure regularly – it’s affected by changes in temperature

5) And most importantly…switch to winter tires once the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius.

A recent survey for the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) found that 68 per cent of Canadian drivers now use winter tires – a double-digit increase from 2014. As soon as the temperature drops to 7°C, many non-winter tires begin to lose traction and grip. Winter tires are designed to provide better traction and handling in sub-zero temperatures.

And if your old tires have met their end of life, remember to drop them off at a registered collector in your local area to ensure they are recycled responsibly. Your old tires can actually be turned into innovative recycled rubber products – some of which are perfect for winter, like front door mats and boot trays.

For more information on recycling tires in Ontario and finding a used tire collector near you, visit

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