Safety Tips for Winter Sports

Some advice on how to stay safe on the slopes and get the most out of the season from our friends at Oakley.


Ski and snowboard season has officially begun, and that means it’s time to gear up and get safe. We always tell our kiddoes to “be careful” as they head out to try something new (whether it’s on a hill or on flat ground). We asked our friends at Oakley for a few winter sporting tips to share with our littles before they hit the slopes…that might not elicit an “aw, mom, I KNOW!!” from our little beasts.


Don’t go it alone:

Whether skiing or snowboarding, it’s best to have a buddy. Oakley has two helmets Mod 3 –  geared for the style maven and Mod 5 – the adventurous explorer, that makes this suited to the perfect date or friend activity.

Always, always protect your noggin:

Protecting your head is a must. Brain injury is the leading cause of disability among adults under 45.

Learn to fall:

Don’t try to prevent the fall by buckling your knees—you don’t want your legs taking the brunt of the impact.

Suit up:

Ensure you have the proper protective gear and equipment, and that it works properly, long before you hop on the ski lift.

Fog-et about it:

Fog is one of the biggest disruptors skiers and snowboarders could happily do without. Oakley’s Modular Brim System gets rid of any obstruction allowing air to flow through the goggle and brim of the helmet for better performance.

Keep an eye on the sky:

This is one time to not ignore the weather report. Make sure you know if a snowstorm or blizzard is on the way.

Keep fit front of mind:

Oakley knows that improper fit can result in discomfort and a bad time on the slopes. Oakley takes care of this by providing proper Goggle and Helmet integration. This year, Oakley released its first ever line of winter sports helmets, the MOD 5 and MOD 3, which combine Oakley’s reputation for technological innovation with clean, stylish design.


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