7 Ways To Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes



Summer has arrived and with it have come many sunny days filled with outdoor adventures and lots of cozy evenings in front of the bonfire or on the back porch, enjoying the balmy weather. Unfortunately, summer in Canada also brings along mosquitoes, who can turn cherished family memories into itchy, scratchy nightmares. Fortunately, animal and bug expert Jim Lovisek, representing OFF! Canada, has come to the rescue with his top tips and tricks for preventing mosquito bites and having a fun, safe summer.

The family that sprays together

Protect the whole family. OFF! familycare spritzes are designed for children over six months. But don’t allow children to handle repellents. Apply personal repellent on your own hands first before putting it on your child.

Make sure you’re covered

Mosquitoes are attracted to exposed skin. For maximum protection, wear long sleeves and pants, and use personal repellant on any skin left uncovered.

Always on the sunny side

When using sunscreen, put on sunscreen first and then apply personal repellent.

The sweetest thing

Avoid sweet-smelling beverages and scents, including perfume, lotions and soaps. Mosquitoes are attracted to sugary smells and will swarm if they’re near. Leave the fragrant flavours to the flowers.

Just keep swimming

Remember to reapply personal repellent after you’ve been exposed to water, be it from swimming, ice buckets or water guns.

Every breath you take

Believe it or not, just breathing attracts mosquitoes. They are drawn to carbon dioxide, which you release when you exhale. Stay protected when you’re participating in sports or other outdoor activities that may make you breathe harder.

Dress to deflect

Mosquitoes care what you wear, so dress in lightweight, light-coloured fabrics and cover up by wearing long sleeves, pants and socks.


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