Ask a Dietitian: How Much Dairy Is Too Much?

We asked you to send in your most pressing nutrition questions. Here are the answers from Joanne Saab, registered dietitian at Hamilton’s McMaster Children’s Hospital and co-author of Better Food for Kids (Robert Rose)

Photography by Apparena, via Flickr (CC)

Q: My preschooler loves dairy. How much milk is too much? 

A: Milk is a wonderful source of protein, calcium, vitamin D and many other essential nutrients. Preschool children need two servings of milk or milk products a day. Your daughter can drink up to 2–3 cups of fluid milk a day. More than 3 cups (750 mL) of milk is not generally recommended. Whole or homogenized milk is usually suggested for children up to two years of age. After that, you can transition to lower fat varieties of milk.

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