15 Beautiful Songs to Sing to Your Baby

Choosing a special lullaby song to sing to your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience—here are some options you may not have considered


Baby Mine

A beloved classic from Disney’s 1941 feature Dumbo (as well as Beaches). Bust out the tissues!

Stay Awake

In Mary Poppins (1964), the world’s most famous nanny sings this to a reluctant pair of sleepy children. If only we all had Mary Poppins to sing us to sleep every night…

Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite

This R&B do-wop classic was released by the Spaniels in 1954, but it’s lovely, lilting melody still soothes today.

House at Pooh Corner

A reader pick, this one is super sweet, especially if you’re a fan of that silly old bear. Written by Kenny Loggins, this song was first released in 1970.

Sweet Baby James

James Taylor wrote this lullaby-meets-cowboy tune as he was driving through Carolina on his way to meet his baby nephew (named after him) for the first time. It was released in 1970.

Beautiful Boy

A gorgeous lullaby written by John Lennon for his son Sean, this is lovely to sing to baby boys.

St Judy’s Comet

Paul Simon wrote this sweet song for his first son, Harper, in the early ’70s. Favourite line: “If I can’t sing my boy to sleep, well, it makes your famous daddy look so dumb.”

Father and Daughter

Another Paul Simon song, this one perfect for Daddies to sing to baby girls. Simon wrote it for The Wild Thornberrys Movie, released in 2002.

Black Bird

This Beatles classic was written in response to the civil rights movement in the United States in the late ’60s, and it makes a lovely song to sing to your little bird at bedtime.

Sweet Child o’ Mine

Though Guns ‘n’ Roses may not be the first band that comes to mind when you think of lullabies, this reader pick demonstrates that many songs can be turned into sweet sleepy songs when sung softly and slowly to a dozing baby.

Sunshine on my Shoulders

John Denver released this sweet song in 1971, and he says he wrote it during that pre-spring time when you’re just longing for winter to be over.

Here Comes the Sun

This Beatles tune was written by George Harrison after a bit of a rough period in the late ’60s and appeared on Abbey Road, released in 1969.

Hey Jude

This touching 1968 Beatles classic evolved out of a song that Paul McCartney wrote to comfort John Lennon’s son Julian during the divorce of his parents. The first iteration was called “Hey Jules”, though Julian didn’t know it had been written for him until 20 years after its release.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Cinderlla sang this hopeful and soothing song to her little animal friends in the 1950 Disney film.

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    i personaly think Lavender’s Blue is really good for kids.