5 Ways to Assess How Your Child Is Doing in School

Photography by Phil Roeder via Flickr (CC)

Wondering how your child is doing at school? Leading educators gave us some tips on how you can assess if your child is managing her workload or if she’s struggling in some areas. Here’s how:

  • Learn the curriculum for your child’s grade. You can find out more about this from your child’s teacher or online. (All provinces have each grade’s curriculum handbooks for parents on their websites.)
  • Collect a variety of measures of academic achievement, including report cards, test scores, teacher comments and samples of your child’s work.
  • You will discover a lot about what your child is learning in school by talking with her. Ask her to give you detailed information about what she is studying. Assess whether or not she can effectively explain important concepts the class is learning in math or science.
  • Read out loud with your child, listening for how fluently he reads sentences and decodes unfamiliar words. Once you’ve finished reading, check his comprehension: Challenge him to summarize what he’s read and explain what it means in his own words.
  • Evaluate your child’s attitude toward school. If your child is excited about what she is learning in school, it’s likely that she is learning a lot. Be careful to distinguish between being excited about school and being excited about learning. Some children love the social aspects of school but aren’t engaged academically.

One response to “5 Ways to Assess How Your Child Is Doing in School”

  1. These are great tips for parents. Another one to add would be to have a good relationship with your child’s teacher by starting the year off on a positive note. Attend the open house or curriculum night and read the communication that comes home from school. If the teacher is a great communicator too, you’re all set!