9 Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes

The options for jarred baby food have come a long way over the years to include organic and preservative-free offerings as well as more interesting flavour combos. Still, many experts agree that when you control the flavour and consistency of your baby’s food, you’ll expand her palate and prepare her for an exciting diet down the road. Whether you choose to start with purées, or go straight to finger foods with a baby-led weaning approach, here are a few ideas to freshen up your babe’s menu.

Delicious Baby Food Mash-Ups
Using just a few simple ingredients you have on hand, you’ll be amazed at the variety of combinations you can whip up for your little one when you keep these prep tips in mind.
• Steam fresh vegetables and hard fruits until tender but not falling apart: 2–3 minutes for peas and beans, 5 minutes for broccoli and 8–15 minutes for root vegetables and fruit.
• Braise tougher cuts of meats or poach tender fish and chicken in a sodium-free broth.
• Using a fork, immersion blender or food processor, purée foods to desired consistency, gradually increasing chunkiness.

Tip: Store purées in the refrigerator for one day or divide into ice-cube trays and freeze.

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