7 Great Podcasts for Parents and Kids

Photography by joce01_y via Flickr (CC)

After discovering a world of podcasts this summer, I found myself looking forward to the once dreaded daily commute. With over 100,000 free podcasts that you can download to iPod, you’re sure to find great podcasts that will entertain parents and kids on the road.

Here are some of our favourite podcasts that will have you looking for excuses to drive the kids around. You can find them all in the iTunes store under “Podcasts”.

Stuff Mom Never Told You – Where did pantyhose come from? What is the better diaper option – disposable, reusable, or no diapers at all? How does lipstick work? Molly and Kristen chat about all the things you wish your mom told you. This is my favourite podcast.

PediaCast: a pediatric podcast for parents – Covering a wide range of topics, Dr. Mike talks about research findings, parenting tips and medical news important for your growing kids.

Pea in the Podcast – For mommies-to-be, this podcast covers everything you’ll want to know about your pregnancy from week one to delivery.

The Mighty Mommy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Practical Parenting – The Mighty Mommy has over 150 podcasts tackling practical parenting questions for every age.

The Story Home Children’s Audio Stories – Featuring classic stories that will stir nostalgia in moms and dads and provide hours of entertainment for kids.

Languages – “Repeat after me…” You’ll be the best parent on the roads when you put your in-car time to use with the 100’s of free podcasts that can help you and your kids learn a new language. (Look for “Language Learning” in the Podcast QuickLinks.)

Why? The Science Show For Kids By Dr. Dave Brodbeck – Scientist Dave answers kid’s questions (Why do we have five fingers? What happened to the dinosaurs?) in kid-friendly terms. Parents might learn something too.

–Nicole Wray, CF’s editorial intern

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