A Great Gift Idea for Babies: Personalized Onesies, T-Shirts and Bibs

Photography by Simply Sublime Baby

I don’t know about you, but I often stress when buying baby gifts. I don’t want to buy the same big-brand toy store toy that everyone else is buying, or the same big-brand clothing store sleeper than everyone else is buying. And don’t even get me started on buying a gift for, say, the third girl born in the same family—the last thing they need is another girly toy or outfit.

Because of this, I really appreciate stores on the online shopping website Etsy, like Simply Sublime Baby. They offer ridiculously adorable personalized onesies, t-shirts, bibs and wall art at affordable prices—and they ship to Canada. Need some unique gift ideas for the holidays? Check out this amazing onesie, this retro tricycle t-shirt and this bib.

So cute, right? And you can be sure you won’t be buying the same thing as everyone else.

Note: if you order today you can take advantage of their Cyber Monday 10% off everything discount. Use code HOLLYCYBER11 at checkout.

Personalized Baby Girl Onesie, $25US, Simply Sublime Baby

—Ali, senior associate editor of CF.ca

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  1. AndrewBond says:

    Of course that’s a great gift for babies.Definitely baby will like it.